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Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in females affecting one in eight females in their lifetime males can get breast cancer and account for one out of every 100 cases mammograms Remain the First Line Screening test for breast cancer even so they may not sorry even so they may not detect all cases of breast cancer people at high risk for cancer or who have questionable findings on a mammogram many other Imaging tends to take a closer look at the breast tissue while breast ultrason or Imaging using sound waves is often used along with a mammograms sometimes breast magnetic resonance imaging or MRI will be common sorry will be recommend in state all the phrase MRI is more expensive 

Studies have shown it may have higher sensitivity in people considered to be at high risk meaning it may be more likely to detect cancer than others race sorry to detect cancer than other tests this is not to say everyone should rush to get a breast MRI a past history of breast cancer in one Breeze whether it was socially whether it was locally diet or at an advent stage increases the risk of developing breast cancer in the other place however this statistic has been improving with advancement in breast cancer treatment a 2021 report found the five-year cumulative incidence of developing cancer in the other place was from one percent to 2 percent those diagnosed with first breast cancer from 2004 and 2016. 

Cancer insurance is a kind of supplemental insurance that you can use together with your primary health plan depending on the supplement you enroll in it will help payzone costs related to your cancer are or deductibles copace co-insurance and Etc it can also help you pay for non-medical expenses such as groceries mortgage or rent payments and transportation to and from your appointments unfortunately this source of plan rely on medical underwriting meaning they can use pretty exciting condition to increase the rates for their plans decrease the number of benefits offered or deny you coverage altogether having cancer unfortunately is a pretty exciting condition that will prevent you from taking advantage of one of these plants the tricks is to enroll in one of these plans before you are actually 

Diagnosed with cancer not every can afford to do so in a perfect world your health plan will cover all the facilities providers and treatments you want in reality not all plants are created equal treatments your healthcare provider recommends may or may not be recovered sorry may or may not be covered it may be in your best interest to change to a plan that gives you more treatment options however you cannot switch plans whenever you want unless you have a major life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period in example you get married t-force lost your jobs Etc you can usually only change your plans once a year this occurs during a design period known as the open enrollment period these are first Marketplace plans open enrollment is November 1 to January 15. 

Second employers plans and Roman period varies by employer threat medicine year-round enrollment is based on early eligibility for Medicare open enrollment is October 15 to December 7th make sure you know when your open enrollment period is so you don't miss an opportunity to sign up for a plan that best meets your needs it was one stuff that press MRI had to be performed early in the menstrual cycle for the pre-menopausal people the belief that was hormonal changes affect blood flow in the press that could decrease the test sensitivity however your Studies have shown that it's not the case breast MRI can be performed at any time making scheduling much easier for many people keep in mind that anyone with a previous reaction to contrast I or who has underlying kidney sorry or who has underlaying kidney disease should talk to their healthcare provider before getting the before getting the test research for passion without insurance and should be denied cancer treatment because they can avoid because they can't afford it if you do not have insurance and even if you do there are a number of charitable organization you can turn to as a way to decrease the financial burden including first 

American Cancer Society second Cancer Care through cancer financial assistance coalitions four good days fifth help well foundation six medicine Association tool or mat seven little maths egg Patient Advocate Foundation nine RX hope and 10 United Way these are not the only organization willing to help be proactive and reach out and reach out for help financial planning for out of pockets cost cancer can take a toll basically and emotionally but it can also lead to financial toxic toxicity cancer can take at all physically and emotionally but it can also lead to financial toxicity which is a term for how to cause of cancer care can affect your quality of life due to high medical costs especially for those without insurance many people do not take their medication as prescribed and some do not even complete their treatment course others cut back significantly on expenses such as food clothing or utility or utilities many people go into a debt by taking out extra credit cards refinancing a home or hexa or exhausting their savings the bankruptcy rate is 2.5 higher for cancerous survivors than for people with no history of cancer note that there are resources to help you through these difficult times the following organization have financial planning programs available that may help you manage your expenses and decrease the burden your case first cancer support community 

Second consumer Education and Training Services or cents family reach for foundation for financial planning and fifth three-age cancer breast cancer treatment can get expensive making it so important to get insurance if you can thanks to the Affordable Care Act Cancer Care is offered through most plants whether you are on a Marketplace plan an employer plan meditate or medical make sure you understand what is tougher and how much you can expect to pay also be sure to talk to you sorry also be sure to talk to your health care providers so you can decide on the most affordable treatment plan Beyond Insurance there are charitable organization and financial planning service that can help you manage course do not let cancer get the upper hand the cause of cancer sorry the cause of Cancer Care add to the burden of the condition know that you are not alone there are a number of resources available from health insurance to charitable programs do not hesitate to ask for help okay everyone that's all this article today thank you so much for watching this article until the next one bye

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