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Legal Terms Of The Insurance Agreement

Legal Terms Of The Insurance Agreement

 Legal Terms Of The Insurance Agreement

 It is states that the condition for a valid insurance agreement or insurance contract are ifs one agree with those whooping themselves their agreement or the insurance than their insular weekends with the process of offering and accepting at contrasts to the use of the charm offer and accepted in general the insurance agreement is stipulates that the offer come from the insurance well the accepted or risks come from the insular an offer it's a statement of the will be been oneself under certain condition while this offer will give birth to an agreement after the offer is accepted well accepted is a statement that they offer is accepted along with its recruitment in Insurance accepted is part of the temple the policy is issued or when corporate begins thus the insurance is born by all the information provided and become the basis for the insurance to close the insurance to able to make an engagement.

 The purpose of this principle is that the parties are competent parties to enter into an engagement engagement within the elements of the component parties the indicator are that the parties are mature Saints and not under correction or forgiveness three a certain things the purpose of this this principle is that the object that from the basis form the birth of the agreement in this case the promise from the insular to to the insurer to provide quarantine is considered balance again the risk to be quarantined in this case the premium width is a strong element of an insurance agreement acts as a guarantee and provides legal Force for the birth of the agreement the object referred to in the insurance agreement is the object of conference the insert party must have a direct on or indirect relationship with the insure objects 4. allow cool costs or legal objects a reason that gave birth to an agreement is Insurance must be lawful and legal an insurance agreement that I am to provide Insurance again a cost that is profit prohibited by low in politics morality or is contrary to the public interest will be canceled 5. contain legal forms this recruitment implies that the insurance agreement is said to meet the element of the legal form in the insurance policy is the same or has the same substance.

 As the if student policy limit by the authorities insulin agreement legal principle in general the insurance agreement must meet the general term of the agreement however the agreement that governs insurance has a special unique and fine character compared to the other people of agreements based on the based on the General profession of the agreement in the civil code can apply to Insurance agreement as well the following are the principle of the agreement one the principle of freedom of contract in contract law the scope of the principle of freedom of contract includes freedom to make or not make a contract freedom to choose which party to make an agreement with freedom to determine or choose the content content of the contract freedom to determine the object of the agreement freedom to determine the form of a contract freedom to accept or defeat from optimal profession of them Etc.

 It should be note that the queerness for freedom of contract are individual Freedom so the starting point is individual interest as well two the principle of building proficients this principle is regulated in the civil code the relationship with insurance means that the insular that the insurance must carry out the accurate term of the agreement because the agreement has reading Lego Force.

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