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Maritime Liens in Ghana P5

Maritime Liens in Ghana P5

 Maritime Liens in Ghana P5

 Maritime means in Ghana so this is the fifth part of the article with the same title this article may be the last article the last the last part of the article if Ghana is minded to make the most capital of the maritime industry in Maritime forage in particular it is my contentions that it must permit assignment or super location of Maritime liens this is because allowing a sign and support case of Maritime lens to step into the shoes of the village claimants facilitates the efficient operations of a vessel and help to preserve other lien that would have been extinguished by the premature cell of the vessel to satisfy some hierarching aliens this is borne out by the practice in the maritime industry where a lower lien holder base of a higher Leon Hotel who would otherwise have sold the vessel at a time when the proceed of the sale would have been sufficient to settle only his claim to the death the treatment of the adelian holders and claimants permitting a lower Leonardo to pay off the Hialeah in order and stepping into his shoes preserve the vessel to be sold at a lateral opportune time when the proceed will be adequate to satisfy all the claims on the vessel if Ghana is interested in encouraging person and financiers of vessel in time of brief Danger to the vessel crew and could barely.

 Yemen must amend the law to reflect Kirin nickel and Maritime practice alternatively a definite determination or pronouncement of the assignment or supplication of meritolians by the Superior Courts of the land is called for the Seattle or clear the current state of confusion secondly setting this mirror is of great importance to Maritime industry players in Ghana since the outcome plays a key role in the determination of priority of playing claims secure of the vessel for example if it's if it is accepted and insurers or indemnifier who pays a maritime billion steps into the shoes of the compensated it means that the person has priority over the creditors such a smart cage however it is the positions the end indemnifier of a married family and does not so step into the shoes of the compensated filler then it means the order the other the other creditors like mode cage put cages have a priority creating National Maritime reasons making a case for the rich freed leans in addition to the traditional Maritime regions provided under Section 66 of the GSA Italian's confessions gives Contracting party States like Ghana to try to create National Maritime lands out to National meritamilians would have the same characteristic as conventions a shelter a period of 6 months of 60 days after the sale of the vessel to a Bonafide purchaser is provided for their Extinction this profession gives Kana the right to create National Mediterraneans which in its own assessment would facilitate maritime operations in the country at me thirdly facilitated Maritime operation in the country admittedly embedded in the right to create National Maritime Williams is also the right not to create any preferring not to create any national Maritime real the wisdom is not exercising that this ride is not clear however it is may consider opinion that.

 Parliament would have done the maritime industry in Ghana a lot of a lot of good if if it had created a few National Maritime reasons that are essential to the operations of vessels but essential certifies for which Parliament could usefully have created a national Maritime Millions is the witch fate long ago Dr russington divided which as the employment of one vessel to expedite the foliage of another when nothing more is required than accelerating their broken her progress usually ship of all sizes including those having their own means of propulsion require the assistance of another vessel to be navigated safely especially in Port areas this assistance may be required to enable a ship to make or leave a bird dog or kennel or to perform any makeover in conference areas in fact which is compulsory in Ghana's two main helper for vessel offer 1000 GD the tax to arriving vessel at the airport entrance and departing vessel along the port to which survives are crucial to the shipping industry because Professor there are so proper and those that are not self-propyl carry on Maritime activities such as navigation fishing and commerce this clearly means that which survives are indispensable particularly for non-self-professional like them purchase over there I'd come along to which Freight give us rice a state worry right in room and it is not secured by a very timely and technically a statutory ride only covers only the tower her right to pursue a particular cuticle action to enforce payment of his freed as a depth to draw back to this ride is that it is still fit by the voluntary transfer to of title and for sale of the vessel this limitation puts the tower at a safer disadvantage and miniature release him in the distribution of the proceed of the sale of vessel during a forcing it is common knowledge in admiralty practice.

 The proceeds are over known not adequate to pay for audience and let alone any un unsecured right to clean too much Freight printing to which Freight enabled to the tower to arrest the encumber vessel and to conduct proceeding for Relief against that vessel without the necessary of locating the owner of the property this remedial aspect of the right of considerable value in the field of meritable where they identify allocated location of the owner may be extremely difficult to ascertain an opportunities for enforcing the claim rear end of extremely short duration furthermore the existence of the liens has processed to the consequences in the it's secure a preference for the lien hoarder in the ranking of claims against a limited fund for the satisfaction of the depth of the property and the preference for the maritime claim and a measure of security for the claim the situation calls for concern because it constitutes and just enrichment on the party of the ship owner for the tower surfaces to be used in facilitating the Voyager vessel and to generate Freight for the ship owner but not be paid it can be accused at the tower can bring a personal actions against the tower to claim his unpaid Freight so this is the end of the article bye bye and don't forget to watch my previous article bye

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