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Costa Rica the course has been regulated since 1754 by Spain in what was called a real setula because sorry guys there are laws that directly and indirectly regulate what is called the marathon zone or Zion emergency material story which is the legal definition of where the sea ends and where the lands Begins the technical concept of where the land start is not as simple as one watching and varied from area to area the simplest explanations is that it is an average of high tides it is part of what is called the bathroom renew National which is all the land that by default is owned by the state of costarica and it is therefore not subject to cell or stated of limitations the basic flow that regulates the merging Zone in is called Leia tells La Zona meritimate terrestrial according to law number 6043 this currents.

The Costa Rica Institute of Tourism legal opportunities of this important area of the countries and it also grants each municipality the power to regulate or legal expert all the merchant Zone especially it is used and administration in support of the tourism Institute one very interesting aspect of the slow is that its limitations which could be considered very restrictive by people wishing to develop these areas more quickly is that this load does not apply to cities or urban areas on the coast or to the private properties registered in the Public's registry another important aspect is that law provides a basic General principle that is the ultimate intent of the state to recover those properties which were transferred over the private owners that is easier said that done because recovering this lens would be next to impossible to do their innermost cause nevertheless it is an important issue to keep in mind for Costa Ricans North Americans Europeans and investors from all over the world the coastal areas of Costa Rica have become a great Prospect for development ecological protection investment and many other activities law established certain limitation for concession on the lens non-costa Rican must have illegal resident status of at least five years conversations cannot be granted to cooperation that are not owned at least 51 percent by a Costa Rican citizen if a corporation has been granted a conversation it cannot transfer shares to a foreigner if Shares are transferred the transversional and void which could cause a serious issues for someone acquiring the the stairs.

The most relevant point is that the marathon zone is divided into two distinct areas which together comprise 200 matters inland the most important area is called the public Zone Arizona publica and that area comes from the land where land starts 50 meters in land the second area measures 150 matters Inland from the end of the public Zone and is called the restricted Zone Arizona restrainida the law also considers to be in the public zone areas such as certain Kennels in other words these are parts of the zone that cannot be touched for any reason the public zone for 50 meters is an area where nothing can be built at all imagine a public Street if you will the purpose of this area is for the public to be able to use it and enjoy it and then convert and for the reason nothing can be built upon the public Zone the exceptions through this rule are for those areas that cannot be normally enjoyed by the public in which case other public uses could be authorized the restricted area is subject to an administrative law act which is called a concussion at one point Back in 1970 it was briefly authorized for a small number of landowners to actually register certain properties as private property within the restricted Zone for example certain properties in Flamingo and other Peach areas these are the areas that some people would like to recover to expropriation but as indicated that seems impossible a concession grants a license for the temporary use of a partial of land on the restricted area concessions can all be granted if there is a master zoning plan or play regulator in the jurisdiction the law established the conditions under which the condensation can be extinguished and the condition under which it can be revoked the marketing Zone.

But the public Zone and the restricted area are under the control of each municipality or local government in support of the tourism Institute municipalities have developed the con the custom of running this plot of lands and also it is perfectly legal love really intended this area to be regulated by major plans and conversations it is very important for those who hold rental or organization on the restricted Zone to understand that those contractual relationship have a term and coordinate renewable at the end of that term there are many legal aspects to the granting maintaining and building on conversation lands disposes important questions as to the rights and obligations of both parties for example if a conversation is given for a hotel or other tourism development or perhaps of fishing or putting industrial investment and that conversations is later not renewed would the holder of the Constitution have many right to remedy for the investment mean another question could be word the municipality refers to justify the refusal to renew the rental or is that just completely discretionary especially considering that the tenant has made an important Financial investment thank you in principle the answer is that no remedy would be possible because these conversations do not recognize these types of Rights nevertheless that would depend on the conditions under which age condensations was granted and what was initially occurred upon there are also many other complications involving properties in the in the restricted Zone under the conversation and even properties adjacent to them and there are several laws that regulate these issues especially in that areas of environmental law construction right and property limitations.

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