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The Use Of Security Guards On Ships

The Use Of Security Guards On Ships

 The Use Of Security Guards On Ships

Legal issues arising from the use of security guards on ship what are the implications of stationing armed Ward on board vessel in response to piracy there has been a significant and Rapid rise in the levels of policy activity over the past few years aspired group have become better resources better equipped and capable of attacking vessel further away from the coastline the international Maritime Bureau policy Reporting Center has reached report of 243 attacks on vessels with 26 ships successfully hijacked between 1 January and 13 June 2011 alone the opportunity failure of the International Community to adequately tackle the cause of the problem or reduce the level of piracy activity has led to repeated costs for Flex Day 2 permit armed Court to be stationed on vessel to protect ship and their crew from the threat of piracy the level of the problem is so serious that the chairman of the international chamber of shipping has stated that many shipping companies have concluded the arming ship is a necessary alternative to avoiding the Indian Ocean completely which would have a hugely damaging impact on the movement of World Trade intense International pressure for reform and guidance has recently led the international Maritime organization to publish a circular entitled interim guidance to ship owner ship operators and ship Masters.

On the use of privately contracted armed security Personnel on board ship in the high risk area while this Garden is a welcome and much needed reform there are still a considerable number of questions left uninsured is the use of armored security guard effective it is an open repeated fact that today no ship has been successfully hijacked when armed guards have been stationed on board in the view of an increasing number of ship owners ship operators and cargo interests are made security Personnel are the most effective measure to defend against the threat of pirate attack in high risk areas the logic underpinning their conclusion is simple deterrence it has been suggested that the presence of our mid court on boards and a clear signal to potential attackers that the vessel and crew are capable of taking strong defensive measures to protect themselves significantly increasing the perceived risk of an assault on the vessel in the circumstance it has been argued that the pirate will in state up to attack ship with weaker defenses particularly in busy shipping areas they also appear to be economic reason to use Armored Security Forces.

To court cargo fossil it has been suggested that due to the greater levels of Safety and Security the presence of armed Ward will allow a vessel to travel through areas percieve to be a greater risk of pirate attack this avoid the costly and time-consuming diversion that a number of vessels have gone through in order to avoid high-risk area such as the Strait of Malacca and the Gulf of Eden where there is a greater chance to of being attacking secondly ship owners and ship operators who station are mid court on their fossil may be able to obtain discount in insurance premium of up to 30 percent the vulnerability of some vessel to policy May potentially lead some insurers to suggest or recommend the use of our mid cord for low-lying slow vessel traveling through Waters at high risk of pirate attack concerned about the use of armed Court there is currently considerable International opposition to the use of armed Corps it has been repeatedly argued that the prisons of armed guard risk and escalation in violin in the event that the vessel is attacked by pirate in particular there is a concern that the presence of armed Port will significantly increase the risk of a firefight between the pirate and the security personnel with fears that is could lead to the death or injury of firearm the crew and innocent third parties attacked in error further the use of firearm risk causing serious damage to the vessel cargo and other property and in extreme circumstance could ultimately result in the sinking of the vessel it helps also be suggested that pirates are more likely to use more powerful and damaging Weaponry against a vessel and its crew in order to overcome our backward station on board further it has been reported that some pirate group are training to practice boarding that will be opposed by armed security Personnel.

The decision to use armored quad should therefore be made only of turkey are fully considering the effect of their use following or wrist adjustment and after implementing all other protective measures that are appropriate following discussion with the master legal issues there are number of complex legal issues and Commercial priests the party should be aware of before making the decision to station our midward on a vessel it will be necessary to give careful consideration to each of the following issues under what circumstance can be armed coord use Force again pirate currently no International Convention or regulation State Workforce and meteors can be used locally to defend against a pirate attack as a result in international waters the laws governing the use of force will be those of the black state of the vessel which must be complied with by the master crew and security Personnel at all time it is advisable following the recently published IMO guidance that the flag state is consulted at an early stage in the ship owner and ship operators consideration of the decision to place armed Corp of the vessel to ensure that any statutory requirements are met on board the vessel the security personnel must be bound by clear rules for the use of force rub which should clearly set out the protocols and measures to be taken in the event of an attacked by Pirates this should provide a detailed graduated response plan to Pirate attack as part of the security team's operational procedures with the aim of preventing boarding using the minimal Force necessary to do so in particular the IMO guidance for the Ruf states that firearm should not be used again person except in self-defense or defense of other again the imminent threat of death or Serious injury or to prevent the perpetration of a particularly serious crime involving grave 3 to life further it will be necessary to ensure the Ruf comply with the loss of the flag state of the vessel and ideally should be approved or endorsed by flag state it is crucial that armed Personnel comply with the Ruf and the laws of the flight State when confronted with the pirate attack further in territorial Waters it will also be necessary to comply with the laws of the coastal or Port State the danger of not doing so are obvious in the event of unlawful death or injury there is a risk the security Personnel could be prosecuted for murder or Serious injury by the flag state or any other state asserting legal jurisdiction for the crime.

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